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Stuff below consists of just a few placeholder items, where more info and audio/video examples might go in future...we shall see...


Tempered Chance

Videos related to applications where a pair of Tempered Chance modules were used:

A Familiar Thing – A simple gate-to-clock linked pair experiment.
Deckard 2019 – A pair of sequencer modules going at it with a hint of melancholy.
Tape Delay – Setting up for a drone video plus a bit of experimentation.


Tempered Chance Duo

Two-part piece (audio only) done with the Duo module:

Distant Music – Sequencer channel A plays changing patterns of just four notes in E major (1st, 3rd, 5th, Oct), driving a fairly common VCO-EG-VCF-VCA module combination, which feeds into a digital tape delay, resulting in a mushy wavering drone sort of thing. Various parameters are occasionally modified by hand, while the basic drone pattern swells, until sequencer channel B plays a second slower random note part, in the same key but an octave or two higher, using a similar module combination. Then things just fade-out like they came in, which is very slowly.